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“Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

Introducing 'Elle', a photo booth experience that's as fabulous as you are! Elle brings the party to your guests with a variety of experiences including stunning photos, lively GIFs, playful boomerangs + SO much more! Guests can then share their experiences via email or text and have it delivered straight to their phone! Customize your traditional 2x6 photo strips, or classic 4x6 postcard, to make the perfect keepsake for your guests. Whether you're striking a pose or making a scene, Elle will definitely capture those picture-perfect memories. Get ready to "Pose + Snap!" with Elle + make every photo a celebration.



Choose from the single photo and/or traditional multi-photo experience. The booth will countdown so guests know when to strike their pose.


Transform your traditional photo session through an interactive and entertaining experience that is made up through a series of photos and then looped over and over.


We bring the fun with themed signs, featherless boas (your venue will love these!), glasses and more! We know half the fun is in getting dressed up in a boa with some hot pink glasses!

Branded Events

Need to do a custom wrap and have all elements reflect your design? We have you covered! We can send you templates to produce the artwork or you can have our dedicated design team assist. We'll make sure the Party Booth fits into your event!

Unlimited Sessions

Guests will appreciate experiencing the Selfie Station throughout your event. They can enjoy all the features you have selected as many time as they would like.


A Boomerang is a short video clip, that plays forwards and then backwards. This action repeats and will come through as an MP4 file via email and/or text message


Your backdrop should enhance your photos and the aesthetics of your venue, not overwhelm them. We will work to you to find a backdrop to compliment your event color scheme and/or theme.


Choose from the bold & beautiful to the glamorous with our filter options.

Email & Text Delivery

Your photos can be sent to guests instantly* via email and/or text message. 

*Instant delivery relies on cell and WiFi strength and accessibility. In the event of poor strength/accessibility, all sessions will be sent out as soon as we connect to service at our office.

Digital Gallery

All photos, GIFs and Boomerangs will be uploaded to a gallery that can then be shared with guests.

Graphics Customization

Choose from static or animated overlays and graphics to enhance your experience. Looking for custom graphics? Contact us to discuss options for your event!

Magic Backgrounds

It's the green screen effect without the large green screen! Choose from static or animated backgrounds to elevate your images + experience!




All packages shown below are digital only - all experiences are delivered by text and/or email. Printing is available for an additional $150.


Pricing Starts @ $495

  • Single Photo Experience (4x6)

  • Color Photos Only

  • Text + Email Delivery

  • Customization of Graphics

  • GIF or Boomerang Experience

  • Backdrop of Your Choice

  • Set Up + Take Down

  • Local Delivery


Pricing Starts @ $595

  • Single or Multiple Photo Experience

  • Color & Black + White Photos

  • Text + Email Delivery

  • Customization of Graphics

  • GIF + Boomerang Experiences

  • Digital Gallery

  • Backdrop of Your Choice

  • Set Up + Take Down

  • Local Delivery


Pricing Starts @ $695

  • Single or Multiple Photo Experience

  • Fun Filters

  • Text + Email Delivery

  • Customization of Graphics

  • GIF + Boomerang Experiences

  • Digital Gallery

  • Magic Background

  • Props (Boas, Signs + More!)

  • Backdrop of Your Choice

  • Set Up + Take Down
    Local Delivery

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